Weekly Photo Challenge: comfort

It was the last day of Summer. It was raining. We were cold and tired. We thought it would be beyond possibility that our local village pub would have a roaring fire blazing in the Summertime. We were wrong; we were comforted.



Weekly Photo Challenge: sunset

British public transport windows on trains really know how to gift you a layer of grunge through which to frame your shots.

I think the view through the giant spokes is more interesting than the wheel itself.


Weekly Photo Challenge: fall

Fall, in the Autumnal sense. I’ve been photographing a lot of conkers this week, with the intention of paying photographic homage to Vaughan Oliver’s album artwork for Pixies. I will post more fully on this matter as soon as I have a chance.

Consider this a rough cut. Incidently, the conkers/Vaughan Oliver connection stems from an incorrect connection I made between his reverse images of eyeballs and my own reverse images of conkers…